The ongoing projects we have at the community Mission Centre are as follows:

Integrated Farming

Integrated farming is an essential part of the teaching and provision of food staples as it helps to teach the community to be self-sufficient in relieving hunger, and thus raising their standard of living.

Integrated farming projects include:

  • Crop Farming: maize, beans, mangoes and other assorted fruits and vegetables.
  • Fish Pond

The children are also encouraged to learn about agriculture with school gardens, growing maize and other vegetables.

Irrigation Scheme

We currently utilize a pump-and-well system.


An irrigation scheme is currently underway and requires several items for completion:

  • an electricity generator
  • piping system, including tap water in the school
  • sprinklers
  • water tank with stand
  • utilizing solar energy

Funding is needed to help complete these projects and upgrades.

School Project


The current primary school, which opened in 2001, has 1,743 children enrolled (as of Nov 2018), with 58 teachers using 8 classrooms (and more under construction). We have morning and afternoon sessions with over 800 children each. Grade 9 has also been added this year (2018). The dining room and storage room are also being used as classrooms. We also now have approximately 50 pre-school children with 2 teachers and the number of children is rising.

FullSizeRender (1) IMG_6345

We have three teachers who specifically teach Bible Studies. Recently, 229 children gave their lives to Jesus. The word of God is taught on four days of the week. Praise the Lord! We are encouraged that all of the teachers are learning the word of God. We have one scripture union teacher, who started teacher’s bible training school.

The current needs of the school are as follows:

  • expansion to 15 classrooms
  • URGENTLY NEEDED – expansion and upgrading of plumbing and sanitation, especially bathroom upgrades (at least 20 toilets and sinks). Tap water for drinking.


  • electricity for the entire facility, especially for security and evening activities such as Bible studies and adult literacy programs
  • URGENTLY NEEDED- science lab, library and kitchen building
  • accommodations for teachers, volunteers and outreach groups (note: currently, none of the children are housed here, but it is our desire to provide accommodations for both the children and the teachers)


Several desks and textbooks have recently been graciously donated, we are thankful to the Lord for His provision and to those that were moved to donate these items. We still need more desks.

Currently (as of early 2018), the school continues to expand, and children are being turned away from classes due to the shortage of classrooms, so it is of utmost importance to extend the school as soon as possible. Our current needs include raising funds for expansion to 20 classrooms.

“Feed-The-Children” Project


John 6

The Lord has been revealing to us the need to feed the day school and Sunday school children, who often come to the facility hungry. The project goal is to give them at least one meal a day. Since there are over 1,700 children to feed, this is a tremendous challenge for us. As stated, we have projects which would help make the feeding of the children (and staff) a successful goal.

We thank God that we have been able to complete the storage rooms and dining hall, however we are currently using them as classrooms.


Clinic Project


The clinic is now complete with showers and toilets for the maternity wing.

Children and adults alike have access to immunization and disease prevention measures.

We are able to provide simple health examinations for children 5 and under for prevention of malnutrition and early childhood diseases, and are looking to provide maternity support as well.

Malaria kills thousands of children in Zambia each year. No one has to die of malaria. We are able to provide early detection if malaria parasites are found. We have detection microscopes on site and can provide mosquito nets as needed.

Other treatments include high-blood pressure prevention, diabetic testing, first-aid medication and referrals (if necessary) are made to hospitals for further treatment.

2016-07-30-photo-00000291 2016-07-30-photo-00000296

The clinic is complete with furnishings, infrastructure upgrades (electricity, water, etc.), security fencing and more. In 2016 we had a special dedication for the building. We thank the Lord for this provision.

We need funding for ongoing medical and first aid supplies.




Housing Projects (Long-Term)

At the community Mission Centre, we need:

  • Guest accommodation facilities
  • Boarding school and teachers’ accommodations
  • Outreach and Conference Building (annual conferences attended by over 1,000 women)

We are looking to raise money for these projects.

Please contact us for more information on these projects.